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11 kii Cayaaryahan ee ugu fiicnaa Todobaadkaan Horyaalka Premier League+Sawiro

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(22-8-2017) Kadib markii ladheeley kulamdii Todobaadkii labaad ee Horyaalka  Premier League dalka England ayaa waxaa lasoo Saaray liiska 11 kii Cayaaryahan ee ugu fiicnaa isla Markaana Sameeyey dadaalkii ugu badnaa isla Markaana kooxahooda ka Caawiyey in ay Gaaraan Guulo muhiim ah.

Hadaba Waa kuwee 11 kaas Cayaaryahan ee ugu fiicnaa Todobaadkaan Horyaalka  Premier League?

Goalkeeper: Jack Butland, 10 points

Cost: 5.9

A clean sheet against Arsenal is nothing to be sniffed at and Mark Hughes’s shot-stopped looked somewhere near his best again in the 1-0 win.

If you’re looking for a keeper outside of the top six, Butland is a strong candidate and a strong looking Stoke squad could keep plenty of clean sheets this season.

Jack Butland impressed for Stoke in their victory and clean sheet against Arsenal 

Defender: Harry Maguire, 14 points

Cost: 6.1

A few people baulked at the £17m Leicester paid for Harry Maguire but so far the former Hull man has acquitted himself very well.

After scoring the opener for the Foxes in their 2-0 win against Brighton, Maguire helped keep the visitors scoreless and makes up part of our back three this week.

Harry Maguire is already repaying the £17million outlay by Leicester for his services

Defender: Eric Bailly, 14 points

Cost: 6.6

The powerful Manchester United central defender headed in the all important opening goal against Swansea which then opened the floodgates.

Bailly’s partner at the back is still up for debate but the Ivorian seems to have nailed down a place in Jose Mourinho’s side.

Eric Bailly scored the first goal of the game for Manchester United against Swansea

Defender: Marcos Alonso, 15 points

Cost: 6.7

This week’s top scorer produced a brilliant display against Tottenham for the champions at Wembley.

It’s astonishing that Chelsea have been linked with left-backs all summer when Alonso continues to stand out.

The Spaniard scored both of his side’s goals against Spurs, hammering through Hugo Lloris to net the winner two minutes from time. At 6.7 he’ll dent your budget but there aren’t many more defenders as prolific as Alonso.

Marcos Alonso is one of the more expensive defenders in the game but well worth the outlay

Midfield: Aaron Mooy, 8 points

Cost: 5.7

Mooy continues to impress for the Terrier and was again the heartbeat of their team against Newcastle on Sunday.

The former Manchester City man capped off his all-round display with a beautiful curling effort to snatch all three points.

Aaron Mooy was at the heart of everything positive for Huddersfield and scored the winner

 Midfielder: Paul Pogba, 14 points

Cost: 7.4

Pogba has started the season on fire with two goals from two games as Manchester United continue to impress.

The price tag seemed to weigh heavy on his shoulders last season but the Frenchman has found his feet and the influence of Nemanja Matic allowing him to play his natural game cannot be underestimated.

Paul Pogba has scored once in each of his first two Premier League matches this season

Midfield: Riyad Mahrez, 8 points

Cost: 7

Despite constant speculation linking Mahrez with a move away from Leicester, the Algerian has acted like the model professional.

He was the architect behind both Foxes goals and showed the classy touches which made him player of the year during Leicester’s Premier League winning season.

Riyad Mahrez provided the magic for his side as he supplied two assists at the King Power

Midfield: Dusan Tadic, 8 points

Cost: 6.6

Often criticised for his lack of consistency, nobody has ever doubted Tadic has the skill to produce spectacular displays.

He was integral to Southampton’s 3-2 win against West Ham at St Mary’s and tucked away his penalty to give Saints a two goal lead.

Dusan Tadic snuck his penalty past Joe Hart to give Southampton a two goal advantage

Midfield: Sadio Mane, 8 points

Cost: 7.6

Sadio Mane has rapidly become a crucial member of Jurgen Klopp’s side. His raw speed and ability to create something out of nothing offers the Reds a valuable resource when the opposition sit deep.

Mane scored the decisive goal for his side when it looked like Crystal Palace might have come away from Anfield with a point.

Sadio Mane again proved to be a key player for Liverpool, scoring the winner at Anfield 

Forward: Chicharito, 12 points

Cost: 7.1

Javier Hernandez comes alive in the box and came so close to rescuing West Ham at Southampton.

Chicharito netted a brace in a losing effort, showing off those razor sharp instincts he has become known for.

Javier Hernandez showed off his predatory instincts in the box to net twice on Saturday

Forward: Wayne Rooney, 7 points

Cost: 7.2 

Back in Blue and back in the goals. Two in two now for Rooney who broke the deadlock at the Etihad.

The former Manchester United man will be at the heart of everything Everton do in attack this season so is a sure-fire points scorer for fantasy owners.

Wayne Rooney has started his second spell at Everton in immense form for the Toffees

Wayne Rooney has started his second spell at Everton in immense form for the Toffees


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