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14 Cayaarood oo ay qasab kugu tahay in aad daawato kuna dhaafin bishaan September?

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(08-09-2017) Bishaan aynu kujirno oo ah bisha September waxaa ladheeli doonaa 14 Cayaarood oo El Clasico ah kuwaas oo dhex mari dooxo waa weyn oo qaarada yurub ah waana kulamo aadan jecleysan doonin in ay ku dhaafaan ama aadan daawan.

Hadaba yaa dheeli doona 14 ka kulan ee ugu xiisaha badan bishaan aynu kujirno ee bilaawga ah?

Manchester City – Liverpool (Saturday 9, 13:30 CET):

The Premier League returns with a clash between two of the remaining unbeaten teams at the Etihad Stadium.

Philippe Coutinho is set to make his return to the Liverpool fold after significant speculation regarding his future.

Valencia – Atletico Madrid (Saturday 9, 16:15 CET):

LaLiga restarts with a meeting between two of the best tacticians in the league.

Marcelino’s Valencia surprised everybody with their spirited display in the 2-2 draw with Real Madrid and will look to carry that into Saturday’s clash at the Estadio Mestalla.

Atleti begin a nightmare period of fixture congestion, attempting to grab three crucial away points, while Griezmann remains suspended.

Barcelona – Juventus (Tuesday 12, 20:45 CET):

Ernesto Valverde experiences Champions League football for the very first time as Barcelona coach when last year’s runners-up, Juventus, visit the Camp Nou.

Juventus dominated Los Cules with their defensive resolve last term and it will be interesting to see if Messi can have any better luck breaking them down without the now departed Leonardo Bonucci.

Roma – Atletico Madrid (Tuesday 12, 20:45 CET):

Diego Simeone returns to the Stadio Olimpico after his career with Lazio to take on Roma in the first Champions League group match.

This match is of crucial importance, with Chelsea also present in the group.

Liverpool – Sevilla (Wednesday 13, 20:45 CET):

Sevilla’s first Champions League match of the seasons sees a repeat of the 2016 Europa League final, with Anfield playing host to a tie between two excellent teams.

Jurgen Klopp has a firing attacking unit that Eduardo Berizzo has to find a way to stifle.

Chelsea – Arsenal (Sunday 17, 14:30 CET):

Arsenal have been engulfed by chaos of late and face a daunting trip to Stamford Bridge to face the defending champions, Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger rarely takes points from this particular away trip and Antonio Conte will be out for revenge after the FA Cup final defeat.

PSV – Feyenoord (Sunday 17, 16:45 CET):

The first major clash of the Eredivisie season comes in Eindhoven when the defending champions visit one of the title rivals.

Real Sociedad – Real Madrid (Sunday 17, 20:45 CET):

Los Blancos usually travel to Real Sociedad well and could head into the meeting at the top of LaLiga.

Atletico Madrid – Sevilla (Saturday 23, 13:00 CET):

Los Colchoneros’ September doesn’t get any easier, with two of Spain’s biggest teams meeting as the month nears its end.

Both will be fighting for Champions League qualification and taking points off the other is an added bonus.

Relations between the two clubs are heated following Vitolo’s complex buy-out clause departure.

Juventus – Torino (Saturday 23, 20:45 CET):

One of the hallmarks of the Turin derby is just how competitive the matches usually are, irrespective of the gulf in quality between the two teams.

This season, however, Sinisa Mihajlovic’s side have closed the gap and the Italian champions will have a tough time keeping the in-form Andrea Belotti quiet.

Borussia Dortmund – Real Madrid (Tuesday 26, 20:45 CET):

These two teams have become regular adversaries in the Champions League in recent seasons and Los Blancos face a tough trip to Germany in late September, with their record in Dortmund surprisingly poor.

Last season Dortmund won the group ahead of Zinedine Zidane’s charges and they will be determined to avoid a repeat.

Paris Saint-Germain – Bayern Munich (Wednesday 27, 20:45 CET):

Neymar’s first sizable test since arriving in the French capital comes in the form of Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich.

The attacking talent on show for both teams will be incredible and the tie almost guarantees goals.

Atletico Madrid – Chelsea (Wednesday 27, 20:45 CET):

Antonio Conte’s coaching career has been marked by failings at Champions League level so Los Rojiblancos can expect a motivated Chelsea to arrive at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano.

The simmering relationship between the two clubs will also manifest itself on the pitch after Diego Costa spent the summer trying to force through a return to the Spanish capital.

Chelsea – Manchester City (Saturday 30, 18:30 CET):

Two title contenders collide at Stamford Bridge, with the clashes between the two teams always likely to produce goals, drama and controversy.

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