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Magacyada iyo Sawirada 16 ka Cayaaryahan ee ugu qiimaha Sareeya hadii suuqa lageeyo

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(09-01-2018) Waxaa hada furan suuqa kala iibsiga Cayaartoyda waxaana jira Xiddigo badan oo lakala doonayo kuwaas oo lagu kala doonayo qiimo lacageed aad u sareeya.

Hadaba waxaa lasoo saaray liiska 16 ka Cayaaryahan ee dheesha kubada Cagta ee ah kuwa ugu qiimaha Sareeya marka lageeyo suuqa kala iibsiga.

Qiimahaan waa kan lagu qiimeeyo hadii lakala iibsan lahaa?

16. Philippe Coutinho – €123m

Age: 25

Club: Barcelona

He may currently be the second most expensive player of all time (third when Kylian Mbappe completes his permanent move to Paris Saint-Germain in summer), but Philippe Coutinho is only the 16th most valuable player on the planet according to the CIES calculations.

Some might argue that Barcelona have overpaid, but Liverpool would never have sold for less.

15. Marcus Rashford – €126.8m

Age: 20

Club: Manchester United

What home-grown Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford continues to show is vast potential to become a superstar in years to come.

The player is still only 20 years of age and his value will only increase and increase given the way that transfer fees have and will continue to explode.

14. Luis Suarez – €128.7m

Age: 30

Club: Barcelona

Luis Suarez remains one of the deadliest forwards in the world and his value remains high despite his gradually advancing years – he will turn 31 later this month.

The Uruguayan scored 121 goals in his first three seasons at Barcelona and is on course to finish 2017/18 with another more than respectable tally.

13. Raheem Sterling – €138.2m

Age: 23

Club: Manchester City

No longer is Raheem Sterling the infuriating young talent, but the crucial match winner.

The winger’s late goals have been directly responsible for a significant chunk of Manchester City’s points this season, without which the Premier League title race would be a much closer contest. It is therefore only natural his transfer value should have rocketed.

12. Mohamed Salah – €140.5m

Age: 25

Club: Liverpool

Liverpool pulled off something of a coup in the summer when they signed Mohamed Salah for around €40m, with the Egyptian now worth €100m more after a stunning campaign so far.

Salah has already scored more than 20 goals in his debut season with the Reds and there are already rumours that Europe’s elite are interested in prising him away come summer.

11. Leroy Sane – €140.6m

Age: 21

Club: Manchester City

After emerging as one of Europe’s most promising talents at Schalke, Leroy Sane has gone from strength to strength over the last 18 months and Manchester City have reaped all the benefits of that.

The winger is dynamic and energetic and has added more regular goals to his game.

10. Paul Pogba – €147.5m

Age: 24

Club: Manchester United

Formerly the most expensive player in history, Paul Pogba’s importance to Manchester United has been abundantly clear this season on the occasions he has been forced to miss games through injury or suspension.

The Frenchman makes United tick and has already proven he was worth the investment.

9. Antoine Griezmann – €150.2m

Age: 26

Club: Atletico Madrid

Any club with the money to spend can, in theory, sign Antoine Griezmann for just 66% of his projected transfer value by triggering the player’s €100m release clause.

The French forward is having a modest season in front of goal by his own previously high standards, but at the age of 26 is arguably only now entering his peak.

8. Romelu Lukaku – €164.8m

Age: 24

Club: Manchester United

For all the criticism he’s had since completing a big money transfer from Everton in summer, Romelu Lukaku has still scored 16 times for Manchester United and has a strong start to life at a higher level.

Fans still expect more, but at the age of 24 Lukaku is far from the finished product. His transfer value, now and in years to come, will reflect that.

7. Kevin de Bruyne – €167.8m

Age: 26

Club: Manchester City

Kevin de Bruyne has emerged even more so as the jewel in Manchester City’s crown this season, particularly as David Silva slowly begins to near the end of his career after turning 32 years of age this week.

The Belgian is one of a handful of players among the candidates who could feasibly break the Ballon d’Or duopoly enjoyed by Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo since 2008.

6. Dele Alli – €171.3m

Age: 21

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

The rise of Dele Alli over the last three years has been nothing short of monumental. He jumped straight from League One to the Premier League as a teenager and scored 32 goals from midfield his his first two seasons with Tottenham.

He is now genuinely one of the best midfield players in the world.

5. Paulo Dybala – €174.6m

Age: 24

Club: Juventus

In time, Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has been tipped to succeed Lionel Messi as Argentina’s superstar.

The former Palermo talent has already bettered his 2016/17 Serie A goal tally this season and remains on course to achieve the most prolific campaign of his career – 24 is the target.

4. Kylian Mbappe – €192.5m

Age: 19

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Prior to actually permanently signing Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain have already hit a home run with the teenage sensation with the CIES estimation of his value now more than the pre-arrange transfer fee (€180m including add-ons).

The sky really is the limit for Mbappe, who only turned 19 a few days before Christmas.

3. Harry Kane – €194.7m

Age: 24

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane has established himself as the greatest English goalscorer since Alan Shearer and will arguably hit even greater heights in the years to come if he can steer clear of the kind of serious injuries that threatened his predecessor’s career more than once.

Kane’s football intelligence originally set him apart, but this natural goalscorer is fast developing an all-round game as well that makes him world class.

2. Lionel Messi – €202.2m

Age: 30

Club: Barcelona

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi is one of only two players on the planet that merits a valuation in excess of €200m based on the CIES calculations.

Now 30 years of age, Messi has shown more than ever in recent months just how decisive his input can be, both with Barcelona and at international level with Argentina.

1. Neymar – €213m

Age: 25

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain as the world’s most expensive player to show his ambition and step out of Lionel Messi’s shadow at Barcelona.

Whether it was the right move or not will still be debated for some time, but the Brazilian’s younger age at least gives him the advantage over his former team-mate in the transfer value stakes for now.

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